If you’re thinking about remodeling your house, repainting would be one of the things you can do. The new paint will give your house a new and fresh look. If you want this project to become successful, then you should consider a lot of things before starting. Whether you’re doing the DIY way or you’re going to hire painters near me, follow the tips we share below.  

 Repainting a House

Consider the Weather 

Plan your painting time ahead so everything would be perfect. The time is an important key. So, you should know the local weather patterns. Paint during the dry time of the year so the paint would adhere better to the dry surface. The paint won’t work successfully if you paint during rainy weather.  

Quality of Paint 

Not all of us put quality first over quantity. A high-quality paint will last longer than the cheap ones. It also means that it would only need repainting for a few times over the years. High-quality paint also gives you better coverage. The paint technology has a lot of improvements over the years, and the color lasts longer than before. So, think of investing in high-quality paints because it’s going to be worth it.  

Sand and Wash 

Remember that paint wont adhere on rough and dirty surfaces. So before you do the painting, make sure that you trim and clean the siding thoroughly. Dry and sand the surface. When sanding, make sure that you scrape as needed and peel those old paint. This will create a smooth surface so the paint will adhere better.  

Replace Rotten Siding 

If the surface you’re going to paint over has rotten siding and wood material, replace it. Painting on those surfaces is going to be worthless because the paint won’t adhere and it the material will only continue to deteriorate. After replacing the material, prepare the surface and sand it to perfection.  

Prepare the Landscape 

If you’re working on the exterior of your house, prepare the landscape. Painting could get a little messy so don’t forget to cover the ground below the area you’re going to paint. Use drop cloths for protecting the items like grills, hoses and outdoor furniture.  

Don’t Forget the Primer 

The primer makes the paint lasts longer. The rule of thumb is to never forget the application of primer. Apply a good coat of primer, sand the surface and then apply the color. But since technology is still advancing, you can buy products that combines the primer and paint into one product. This will cut down the number of coats you need to apply. It’s expensive, but it’s going to be worth it.  

Paint From Top to Bottom 

If you start painting, work your way from the top to bottom. This will help you control the streaks. You can’t stop the drips from happening but doing this method will help you correct the mishaps you’ve done while you’re painting.