Car accidents have great risk that cause back and neck injuries.  The force that comes along with car accident can bring serious damage to these areas of your body that is crucial to your body functions but are sensitive to force and sudden movement.  If something slams to a car or a car hits something, the inertia of the other force will make everything inside the car to also move in that direction including the person inside. The force of the impact could result to great pressure on the back and neck. 

car accident

If the impact is so strong it could damage the spine and simply because your spine can’t handle massive force like a car accident could result to injuries and could be painful. The most common injury in a car accident in your spine are facet joint injuries and disc injuries. It is very important to understand the difference of the two injuries and its causes. 

Discogenic pain is an injury that is related to spinal discs, this is a piece of cartilage that is a cushion system between the bones of your spine and serves as a support when moving creating our stability. When your spinal disc gets damaged, this could result to intense pain. most people that has been in car accident experience this in their lower spine. The most common in causing pain in this area are lumbar sprains, disc herniation, spinal stenosis and degenerative spinal disorder. 

Because of so many different causes of back pain, it is recommended that you see a skilled doctor immediately for proper diagnosing your problem. anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy are generally the first step of the treatment. If this step could not bring relief, there are other options like epidural corticosteroid injections that could resolve the pain. surgery is the only option left if these treatments won’t work. 

Facet joints are also part of the spine that that play an important function on your spine. It is surrounded by a flexible but a thick membrane that secrete a fluid that help lubricating your joints. This fluid allows your spine to move easily. 

Facet joint injury symptoms are often confused as spinal disc issues but this can give you a sudden painful attack and this can be resolved by releasing the frozen joint that return facets to normal condition. Facet joint injuries could be seen on x-ray. The physician may find it beneficial in using injection dye during an x-ray in order to see it more clearly what is going on and this is called facet joint block. 

The good thing is that the common treatment for facet joint pain is just applying a simple hot or cold compress. But it is important to ask a physical before treating it with yourself.  Another option is to look for a qualified chiropractor to help you with the problem. 

Exercise has been known to the improvement of spasm and stiffness but it is imperative to speak first to a medical professional to know the extent of the injury because there is a possibility that you will just worsen the pain. 

Aside for needing the right doctor for the injury, you could also look for car accident attorney colorado springs who has years of experience assisting victims of car injuries to obtain proper recovery and to offset damages that was caused by a negligent party.