How to Fix Common Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are supposed to work really well. But if it is not delivering hot water in the way that it used to, then something is causing a problem. Water heater problems may also vary, depending on what type it is. It pays to have a water heater repair expert help you in finding out what’s wrong with your device.

Heater Problems

One of the most common issues with water heaters is that they no longer deliver the amount of hot water necessary for your daily needs. Sometimes, the water isn’t as hot as before. If these are the things that you’re experiencing, then you must call for a Palm Harbor water heater repair service.

Reduced Hot Water Supply

A water heater professional would know the most common fixes for faulty water heaters. For electric water tanks, what’s defective might be the lower element, but it can also be that the dip tube is missing. But if you have a gas model water heater, then it’s most likely the dip tube.

If none of those two parts is faulty but you’re experiencing reduced heat in your water heater, then the problem could be because the current cold weather conditions cause hot water to dilute a lot faster than usual. For that, you may need to upgrade your water heater to a higher capacity. Changing your shower head to one that has a lower flow rate may also work.

A Closer Look at the Problem

Water heater tanks are filled with hot water at around two-thirds of its total capacity. That’s 33 gallons of hot water if you’re using a 50 gallon water tank. Showerheads, on the other hand, usually dispense water at 2.5 gallons per minute. Doing the math, your 33 gallons of water would last you less than 14 minutes worth of hot water in the shower. How if you increase your tank’s capacity and use a shower head with a decreased flow rate, then you’ll have more hot water supply when taking a bath.

There’s something that you can do to determine whether your water heater is working at par or not. To test your water heater, make sure that no water is used overnight. Come morning, fill a bucket with 5 gallons of water from the tub spout. Check the water’s temperature. It should measure 160 degrees Fahrenheit at least.

Repeat the same process and count how many buckets of water you’re getting at the same temperature. Stop when you see a temperature drop of at least 20 degrees. See if the total gallons of water you recorded correspond to two-thirds of the capacity of your water tank. If it is significantly lesser than that, then you do have a problem with your water heater.

Installing a low flow shower head may be an easy solution to the problem as it can help you stretch out the usable hot water supply. It is still best to consult with an expert to get a permanent fix to the problem. Their expertise will help you achieve the results that you expect.

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What are the Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom? 

  1. Plan everything first – it is important to plan every move that you want in trying to remodel your bathroom browsing from all the color, styles, or themes that you want. Remodeling is a bit pricey it is important that you plan everything from your budget. If you are planning to get somebody to Bathroom Remodeling Tampa FL to install it for you then it will just be easy since you already have the design in your mind. Having a professional also can help you in sticking in your budget and style and will make the job even easier. Planning is a need so that you don’t need to replace it again and again if ever you are not satisfied that can be costly.Remodel Your Bathroom
  2. Check on your plumbing – in remodeling a bathroom the plumbing part is the most challenging one and it is very expensive to hire people again to do the plumbing. That is why in planning for a remodeling it is best to stick your shower, toilet, and tub to where it is originally placed so that you won’t need to spend a big amount of money for transferring again all the plumbing and having a big load of work done.  
  3. Keep what can be kept – you can make your bathroom look good by just enhancing some of your fixtures there or things you don’t need to replace the whole thing that can be expensive. For example, if you have mirrors installed already you can add on some feature to make it even look better and last for years and years to come. Second, the toilet when planning to change your toilet check first if there is nothing wrong with it you can match it with a new style and color by adding better toilet seats and a lot more. 
  4. Recycle – trying to recycle old stuff to put in your new bathroom as a décor can save you a whole lot. Plus, with creativity it can even look expensive and better plus you get to help the environment from all the dump and trash.  
  5. Decide on the materials – plan on the materials that you need to use if you want to have stone, wood, or tile for your bathroom it also comes when you are deciding your theme. It is also better to check what are the benefits that you can get by having those materials aside from just their appearance in that way you can save money and have more benefits in your bathroom.  
  6. Open shelves and vintage furniture – you can use recycled furniture and make sure to use open shelves for your bathroom so that you can add more storage to your bathroom for your toiletries and other necessities.  
  7. Plan on your lighting – it is also best to have and find the best lighting for your bathroom to make it more appealing who wants a dark room you can make it cozy and comfortable. You can then have a room where you can flush your stress.  
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7 Things to Consider When Repainting a House

If you’re thinking about remodeling your house, repainting would be one of the things you can do. The new paint will give your house a new and fresh look. If you want this project to become successful, then you should consider a lot of things before starting. Whether you’re doing the DIY way or you’re going to hire painters near me, follow the tips we share below.  

 Repainting a House

Consider the Weather 

Plan your painting time ahead so everything would be perfect. The time is an important key. So, you should know the local weather patterns. Paint during the dry time of the year so the paint would adhere better to the dry surface. The paint won’t work successfully if you paint during rainy weather.  

Quality of Paint 

Not all of us put quality first over quantity. A high-quality paint will last longer than the cheap ones. It also means that it would only need repainting for a few times over the years. High-quality paint also gives you better coverage. The paint technology has a lot of improvements over the years, and the color lasts longer than before. So, think of investing in high-quality paints because it’s going to be worth it.  

Sand and Wash 

Remember that paint wont adhere on rough and dirty surfaces. So before you do the painting, make sure that you trim and clean the siding thoroughly. Dry and sand the surface. When sanding, make sure that you scrape as needed and peel those old paint. This will create a smooth surface so the paint will adhere better.  

Replace Rotten Siding 

If the surface you’re going to paint over has rotten siding and wood material, replace it. Painting on those surfaces is going to be worthless because the paint won’t adhere and it the material will only continue to deteriorate. After replacing the material, prepare the surface and sand it to perfection.  

Prepare the Landscape 

If you’re working on the exterior of your house, prepare the landscape. Painting could get a little messy so don’t forget to cover the ground below the area you’re going to paint. Use drop cloths for protecting the items like grills, hoses and outdoor furniture.  

Don’t Forget the Primer 

The primer makes the paint lasts longer. The rule of thumb is to never forget the application of primer. Apply a good coat of primer, sand the surface and then apply the color. But since technology is still advancing, you can buy products that combines the primer and paint into one product. This will cut down the number of coats you need to apply. It’s expensive, but it’s going to be worth it.  

Paint From Top to Bottom 

If you start painting, work your way from the top to bottom. This will help you control the streaks. You can’t stop the drips from happening but doing this method will help you correct the mishaps you’ve done while you’re painting.  

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Hire the Right Roof Contractor 

The house is a pretty big investment that requires a little bit of maintenance here and there to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy for a long time that investment. However, no matter what routine maintenance we do for it. It will always become old and before we know it we will be needing a Columbia roofing services to keep roof in pretty good shape, or other house services you’ll need to keep the house sturdy and looking strong.  

Roof Contractor 

In this article, you will learn what you should look for in your roofing contractor. If you don’t have one in mind you can ask for referrals or check the local directory of businesses and do your research.   

  • You should hire the roofing service company that is reputable. Reputable company will more likely deliver satisfying result because they have a reputation to protect. Sometimes though they could be a little bit more pricey compared to upstart companies but they will more likely deliver positive results for you. 
  • You should check the contractors license and other credentials. You should always see their license before committing to the company. Once you sign that contract you are more likely to commit to them until the job is done and by that time it will all be too late. You need someone you can trust to do their job with excellent results.   
  • Read the contracts before you sign. This should be reiterated all the time, even if there is a line waiting for you to finish you should always read the contract including that of the fine print. It is a legally binding document so if any funny business happens at least you have a hold on them.  
  • Ask to the company’s insurance certificate. It is important that a company has insurance for their contractors. That way they are protected in case there are accidents and in a way you are too. You are protected in case an accident happen to one of your contractors in the workplace. You don’t have to worry about giving compensation to them because that is already covered in insurance that they have. 
  • Always ask for an estimate, receipt or a summary of work done. This is a way of keeping track of all the things that is done in your property. You also need to have one person as a contact person, so that if there are instructions, changes and other things this contact person will be the only one you are calling and who will be calling you. You don’t want to have multiple people calling you for something because that could be very for you to lose track of what is what and which is which. 

Be very meticulous when you are working with someone. It is pretty important that you do this, because one thing or another they will be handling your property. It shows that you mean serious business and that there is no room for mistakes in the project. 

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What is the cause of lower back and neck pain after a car accident? 

Car accidents have great risk that cause back and neck injuries.  The force that comes along with car accident can bring serious damage to these areas of your body that is crucial to your body functions but are sensitive to force and sudden movement.  If something slams to a car or a car hits something, the inertia of the other force will make everything inside the car to also move in that direction including the person inside. The force of the impact could result to great pressure on the back and neck. 

car accident

If the impact is so strong it could damage the spine and simply because your spine can’t handle massive force like a car accident could result to injuries and could be painful. The most common injury in a car accident in your spine are facet joint injuries and disc injuries. It is very important to understand the difference of the two injuries and its causes. 

Discogenic pain is an injury that is related to spinal discs, this is a piece of cartilage that is a cushion system between the bones of your spine and serves as a support when moving creating our stability. When your spinal disc gets damaged, this could result to intense pain. most people that has been in car accident experience this in their lower spine. The most common in causing pain in this area are lumbar sprains, disc herniation, spinal stenosis and degenerative spinal disorder. 

Because of so many different causes of back pain, it is recommended that you see a skilled doctor immediately for proper diagnosing your problem. anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy are generally the first step of the treatment. If this step could not bring relief, there are other options like epidural corticosteroid injections that could resolve the pain. surgery is the only option left if these treatments won’t work. 

Facet joints are also part of the spine that that play an important function on your spine. It is surrounded by a flexible but a thick membrane that secrete a fluid that help lubricating your joints. This fluid allows your spine to move easily. 

Facet joint injury symptoms are often confused as spinal disc issues but this can give you a sudden painful attack and this can be resolved by releasing the frozen joint that return facets to normal condition. Facet joint injuries could be seen on x-ray. The physician may find it beneficial in using injection dye during an x-ray in order to see it more clearly what is going on and this is called facet joint block. 

The good thing is that the common treatment for facet joint pain is just applying a simple hot or cold compress. But it is important to ask a physical before treating it with yourself.  Another option is to look for a qualified chiropractor to help you with the problem. 

Exercise has been known to the improvement of spasm and stiffness but it is imperative to speak first to a medical professional to know the extent of the injury because there is a possibility that you will just worsen the pain. 

Aside for needing the right doctor for the injury, you could also look for car accident attorney colorado springs who has years of experience assisting victims of car injuries to obtain proper recovery and to offset damages that was caused by a negligent party. 


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